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College AU


Jason shrugged. “I was one of few kids who liked Sushi growing up.” He remembered all the looks he and his buddies got for liking sushi growing up. Jason still hadn’t explored the town, and so he wasn’t sure where else to go. “I think living completely on school food would make ya sick.” Jason chuckled, picturing kids eating the terrible for you food that would certainly be made in the cafeteria. Or the one or two actually healthy options that would be the most expensive things on the blasted menu. 

"Well I never got to know if I liked it as a kid, but I know I like it now." She sent him a beaming smile. M’gann laughed at that,"Not only that but it brings the dread freshmen 15. At least that’s what I’ve heard." She didn’t want him to think she was some vapid girl who only cared about looks. He could be her first friend at college, and while the other part of her tossed out the idea he could be a possible love interest, she quickly quieted down that part of her. Friendship was better to aim for, not to scare him off and such.

"Sometimes I wonder if school food it just a scientific experiment gone wrong."

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What Doesn’t Kill You | M’gann & Jinx


—« Ω »—  The whirlwind slowly calmed down to reveal a grinning Wally West, and the “room” seemed instantly lighter, though there was technically no sun.  He leaned back against the maze, relaxed as Jinx took a deep, meditative breath.  

"I’m guessing by the look on your face that this isn’t what you usually see?"  The girl deadpanned as much as possible, her face tight in its forced disdain.  As if you really needed a telepath to tell you that your head isn’t exactly normal.  ”This is it, right?  The link doesn’t go any further?”

M’gann was surprised to see a vision of Wally in Jinx’s head, she couldn’t help but for a moment feel overwhelming sadness. Sadness at knowing this was the only way any of them could ever see Wally again. It was heartbreaking.

"Well to be honset I haven’t see someone’s mind like this before, but everyone’s mind is different. That doesn’t mean something is wrong with your mind." Kaldur’s mind was Altanis, while part of heres was Happy Harbor. A mind landscape differed for some people it was a place of great meaning, for other’s it was a place they controlled. "This is it. The link could go deeper but that’s not something I do with the team. I use the link for commication." Once she had built deeper link with Conner, but that was more intimate. Or the time she use to destory, and the time she had rebuilt Kaldur, with Artemis help.

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"Where are my clothes?"



"You started taking them off last night when you were drunk." Dick shrugged and motioned to the closet. "In there."

Megan’s horrified face made Dick’s insides twist. He never should have brought it up. Of course, she did have the right to know how she acted the night before. He shrugged again and poured her a cup of coffee. “You okay?” he asked softly as he handed it to her.

It took a few moments for Dick’s words to register with M’gann. “Y-yes, of course” She took the cup of coffee he offered and started to gulp it down. Which turned out to be a terrible idea, because moments later she trying to cool down her burnt tongue. ‘Hwot Hwot Hwot” She shouted as she waved air towards her mouth. ‘Could this morning get any worse?' She couldn't help but think.

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Do you even know who he is?|| Roy


"No, you’re right on time." Roy said with little to no emotion in his voice, a bad habit of his really. He could almost feel the nervousness protruding out of her. He gave her a wary look and stepped to the side of the door, "Yeah, of course." 

Roy wasn’t exactly nervous, curious would be the better word for the current situation. He had worked with M’gaan on missions before, no problem. But never had he worked in an undercover environment this close before. Not even with Ollie. Roy walked into the apartment and took a seat on a shabby chair that the run-down apartment he had rented for this mission provided. “So—-” He said awkwardly, “Now what?”

"Thanks." She spoke stepping inside once he moved aside. Really this was different, sure they had worked together before, but not like this on a undercover mission together. M’gann followed after him looking around not sure where to sit after he sat in the shabby chair. If he was suppose to be posing as some famous why was he given such a shabby looking apartment.
"So we discuss our covers, make sure you’ll know what I look like when I’m using the other face."

That way he wouldn’t be startled if she just appeared beside him as someone else claiming to work for him. “Did you decide who you are going to be?” Or had they supplied him with a premade identity.

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Wally thought it was a great idea, sort of able to expand M’gann’s horizons. He even saved up his money so they could spend a good time playing the arcade games there. That’s a lot of Chicken Whizee’s he could have eaten.  ”It’s a place with a lot of games, some you win tickets, and you collect them fro prizes.—- It’s not far, come on~!”

"Prizes what sort of prizes? Like cookies?" M’gann asked excitedly. "Well then let’s go!" M’gann headed toward the door walking with a bounce in her steps. Now she really wanted to go see this arcade thing. It sounded fun, it had to be if Wally liked it so much.

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