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Send my muse, “MOVIE NIGHT”

& I will generate a number from 1-25 and see how my muse reacts to one of the following movie night scenarios.


Your muse surprises mine with a kiss

It had been a long time since M’gann and Dick had watched a movie together. For the longest time lately he had been busy for the movie bonding nights the team did, so M’gann was overjoyed when her old friend invited her to watch a movie with him. It was an older classic she hadn’t see yet, and he demanded that she just had to watch. So far the movie was interesting even if she was a bit confused. “So explain this to me again?”

Dick nodded and stepped closer to M’gann. “Then… We’ll be trying. Team and the Reach first, but when there’s time for the both of us, we’ll take it.” He still wasn’t able to grin fully, though. “—But I.. You know how I am, M’gann. I’ve a lot of things I’m keeping secret, even though I already told you a big one. Are you fine with that?”

"Of course." She argeed with them. But it would still be some time and that’s what matter. When he spoke the second part, she just smiled. "I already know how you are, and I don’t care. I know there are things you can’t and won’t tell me, and that’s okay. I trust you, shouldn’t that be all that matters?"

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10. Neck kiss

His hands graced over her skin softly, feeling along her arms as he broke away from the lip lock that they’d been sharing in the bed of his truck. Lips trailed down along her jaw before dipping down to graze against where her head and neck met before he made his way down along it, teeth gently grazing over her skin, blue hues closed as he focused all his attention onto her, hands going down along her arms to take hold of her own. 

[ missmartianinvasion ]

Conner gave a small laugh. “I’ll let you cool down, alright?” he said, and shifted to sit down next to her, lightly taking her hand into his, bringing it up to softly press her knuckles to his lips. He was more than willing to wait for her to be ready with him; to be comfortable. Besides, the back of his truck in the middle of a field wasn’t really the best place for first times, he was sure.

"Hmm?" She blinked up at him a bit befuddled still. M’gann smiled at him. He was so understanding, how could her parents think he was a bad guy. She leaned against him, "You are perfect." He was, he was more than perfect. How could she have let her parents almost ruin this? He was funny, charming, sexy, adorable and so understanding, plus a million more things. He’s the brightest star in the sky. 

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Worth A Penny| Dick+M’gann


Richard couldn’t believe that this woman in front of him was what his father had picked out. He didn’t care on how she looked, looks and wealth wasn’t what he cared about. He cared about was the feeling and the connection between him and the one he wanted to marry. He had his eyes set on someone else and he wanted to choose that woman to be his bride, but now everything was ruined all thanks to the young woman in front of him. 

Looking over at the woman’s father, Mr. Morse, Richard nodded his head in respect. “It’s a…pleasure to meet you as well sir.” he forced the words out as he took the elder man’s hand shaking it. 

Feeling a hand on his shoulder he glanced back seeing his father standing behind him, squeezing tightly. “Mega, what a beautiful name. Its all our pleasure to have you and your family here. Right son?” he felt his father’s grip tighten for his answer. “Yes, the pleasure is all ours Miss. Megan.”

Bruce pushed his son a bit towards the young woman, only making Richard hate this moment even more. “Why don’t we discuss business Mr. Morse while our children get to know each other.” Bruce said leading the others out of the room. Now it was just him and her. He just stared at her with a blank expression, unknowing what to say or do. What he wanted to do was run, but not with his father in the other room. 

After her shaking and less then stellar introduction Megan had nothing to say. What do you say to a man who was so clearly disappointed with the bride he was being given. Her father beamed when Richard spoke to him. He knew what just how beneficial this marriage was, it’s why he had recollected his daughter and would have done anything to find her.

When Mister Wayne had addressed her she turn her attention back to him. “Why thank you, it’s a pleasure to be invited into your lovely home.” She sent the older man a nervous smile. She couldn’t help but wonder if either of the Wayne’s knew how much she wanted to bolt of here and never return.

Her move pushed her towards Richard, when the elder Wayne suggested the adults go an talk. Leaving just the two of them alone in the sunroom. She turned her gaze back to him, not sure what to do. “So..?” She started softly.

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Send me a ♫ and I’ll make a graphic based off the first song to come up on itunes while being randomized.

missmartianinvasion; Ghost Story; Coldplay

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Romance Time! Send me ♥….


And I generate a number to see what my muse has to say!


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"Conner are you ready to go? I only have two hours before my parents expect me home." M'gann called into the locker room before walking in. His team had already left and she knew he was the only one still in there.



Your Muse’s Reaction To My Muse Wearing Nothing But A Towel. Go!

Conner could hear the voice and he already knew who it was, so he quickly grabbed a towel to cover himself as she walked in. “Well, I would be almost ready, but I’m kind of naked over here.” He replied, pushing his wet hair back with a hand as he looked at his girlfriend with a small grin. It was hard to not want to throw in a snide little ‘and you can be if you want to’ as well, because he was more than sure it was likely to get him smacked. 

Conner couldn’t help the grin that was appearing on his lips at that. Cute. “Alright. See you in a few.” He said, waving to her a bit before he chuckled. M’gann was definitely cute when she got all flustered like that. He liked it. A lot. Although he let the towel drop before going to grab his clothes, pulling them on. 


M’gann hadn’t even left the locker room when he dropped the towel, she hadn’t even turned around. Her eyes went wide and her face was a bright deep shade of red. She stared for a few moments getting a completely eyefuls before squeaking and covering her eyes. “Omg” She shouted. She tried to back up, and bumped into one of the locker room benches before falling backwards over it, and onto her butt.

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Sitting here waiting for replies all like

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Imagine Person A of your OTP really getting attached by how warm Person B makes the bed when they fall asleep together/cuddle so when Person B comes home from some trip Person A yells at them because their bed was so cold. 

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I ship you with ___________.

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I ship you with ___________.

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