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“Fake girlfriend because I’m visiting my parents for the holidays and they’re pressuring about a significant other” AU

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"OMG, YOU'RE A MARTIAN!!!" Wanda said, in excitement. ((ooc: Hello there, friend.))

"Yes I am, who are you?"

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Can you imagine Dick (acrobatic and graceful bastard that he is) teaching M’gann how to dance? And not just you know that passable dancing at the club or the swaying but legitimate actual dances

Like he goes through the decades teaching waltzing, foxtrot, Charleston, maybe even how to tango, and then he teaches her the more modern dances. And they pretend it’s some sort of training but really they’re just goofing off and having fun while M’gann gets to learn more about Earth cultures.

And then of the course the obligatory undercover mission where they finally get to show off their (rather impressive) skills. And they fucking own it man.

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"Can I kiss you?"



"Since when do you have to ask?"

"Well, you know, asking permission is important, you know." He said all innocently."But if I really don’t need to ask…" He said with a sly grin


Grabbing M’gann, he pressed his lips to hers, and in the heat of the moment, dipped her down as if the two of them were dancing.

"Are we on a 50’s tv show?" She tease softly. It was just so cute to see him acting this way. She flashed him a sly grin. She giggled into the kiss as he dipped her, but she returned it all the same.

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"Honestly, I hate working here they are so weird." Is the best movie line ever.

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"Can I kiss you?"

"Since when do you have to ask?"

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Send “Can I kiss you?” to see how my muse responds.

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Does anyone wanna rp?

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In case anyone didn’t know I like to edit videos. I’m very happy with this one and if people in the young justice fandom would like to watch it I’d be very happy!

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  B05 – Miss Martian

      I really haven’t thought much about her except I think Gar is her legal ward.